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Composer | Musician | Producer


Oliver Pikett is a composer, orchestrator and producer of music for film, television and media. 

Oliver's breadth as a musician stems from his formative years, during which he pursued classical violin, piano and rock guitar. Following his graduate level music studies, Oliver spent several years as a musical artist and perfomer, taking him on a journey across studios, festival stages and jazz clubs.


This experience has given Oliver a musical versatility which allows him to compose music across genres - focussing on enhancing the experience of its subject matter, and satisfying the creator's vision.


Oliver is equally comfortable producing a minimal electronic score as he is a symphonic soundtrack or a big band arrangement. It's all about telling the story and bringing out the emotional core of the film.

Oliver enjoys working with clients to produce the best possible music to suit their budget. Oliver is a highly literate musician, capable of producing detailed orchestral scores to be recorded by live musicians. For smaller projects, Oliver can produce fully mixed and mastered music using incredibly realistic sample libraries and electronic instruments. 

Oliver holds a Master's Degree (Distinction) in Composing for Film & Television from The University of Bristol.

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